Innovation is the only way to build a future for our country. Innovation is a daily need for the health sector when it comes to optimising efficiency and improving treatment. Innovation is about moving away from gradual improvements to launch a process of evolutionary change.


Making sustainable choices is about focusing on creating value rather than profit. It's about putting energy and resources into the community rather than pursuing personal interests. It's about reinvesting profits into the area in which they are generated. It's about believing in the possibility of creating companies with a human face - companies that are ethical and focused on community wellbeing.


The current situation requires us to revolutionise our thought process in order to predict and effectively tackle the complexities of the world in which we live. Our day-to-day reality is much more complex than it may seem, and in an era of such dramatic change the only wise move is to act like revolutionaries.

Who we are and what we do - We are experts in life sciences

At Duck & Partners, animals and people are at the centre of our universe. We understand what animals need to live happy, healthy lives. We also connect with people to create the best environment for all living beings to thrive in.

We continuously think of creative new ways to engage audiences and reach healthcare professionals, clients, caregivers and patients through successful interactions and dialogues. We tell their story and share some great news on relevant ways to make the world a better place.

We challenge the status quo. We generate ideas.

Duck & Partners brings together a bilingual team of talented people from a variety of backgrounds who share the same passions. Brimming with fresh ideas, we spend our days bringing multi-channel concepts to life, while thinking of creative new ways to engage audiences. Collectively, we have decades of experience in marketing, strategic planning, communication, creation and innovation. We are very skilled at what we do, and would love to energize your brands.

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  • A series of columns devoted to wellbeing and clinic management.
  • A dedicated team of like-minded professionals with first-hand understanding of the Canadian veterinary community.
  • A group of social media enthusiasts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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