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The most comprehensive and updated books on internal medicine dive deep into diverse practices to stabilize and care for conditions that affect the internal organs. This collection aims to help the professional and the student understands and improves internal medicine treatments, knowledge, and the latest techniques.

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Clinical interpretation of acid-base and electrolyte disorders. Case studies Clinical interpretation of acid-base and electrolyte disorders. Case studies


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In clinical medicine and in emergency medicine especially, is crucial to understand and manage the acid-base and electrolyte disorders. This text, the result of years of clinical and educational activity, is organized in three parts: acid-base balance, water and sodium and electrolytes. Clinical interpretation and therapy are discussed through clinical cases that are the main educational tools.

Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks of the trunk and abdominal wall - Medicine book - cover book


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Due to the introduction of ultrasound, the acquisition of new anatomy and sonoanatomy knowledge, as well as recent discoveries on the role of the fascia, regional anesthesia has undergone a process of "evolution-revolution" in the last decade and now is playing a key-role in surgery and postoperative pain management, allowing opioid-sparing or opioid-free strategies, in line with the ERAS pathway.