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The art of oral surgery
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The art of oral surgery

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The Art of Oral Surgery uses beauty to simplify complex principles. This enlightening textbook offers new perspectives on age-old principles through dramatic clinical photography, original artwork inspired by the masters and accessible discussions on how to excel in the practice of oral surgery. 

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Canine Hepatobiliary and... Canine Hepatobiliary and...
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Canine Hepatobiliary...

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Diseases of the liver and pancreas can cause a degree of despair in veterinary practitioners: so much about the causes and treatments of these diseases is poorly understood, and too many cases remain idiopathic. This book guides both first and second opinion practitioners through clinical assessments and workups, preventing oversight of potential underlying causes. Subsequent sections meticulously delve into pancreatic and liver diseases, encompassing clinical pathology, imaging, biopsy acquisition, cytology, and histology, all expertly elucidated by specialists.

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